The Team


Meet the Bartees.

Bartee Photography Staff Headshots-3.jpg

Rana Bartee

The Owner. The Lead Photographer. The real talent behind the whole operation. Hobbies include crossfit, taking photos of her cat, and being savant level good at everything she touches. 

Bartee Photography Staff Headshots-2.jpg

Brandon Bartee

The other Owner. Minister of Propoganda. Hobbies include over thinking, creating spreadsheets, and being famously bad at writing bios about himself.

Bartee Photography Staff Headshots-5.jpg

Grace Wolfe

The original-unoriginal Bartee. Employee 001. Homeschool Alumni. Hobbies include staring at dogs and taking surprisingly good photos.

Bartee Photography Staff Headshots-4.jpg

Misty Lockhart

The one you have probably talked to. Employee 002. Hobbies include giggling, staring at babies, and taking crazy good care of our customers.

Bartee Photography Staff Headshots-6.jpg

Cooper Schagel

The Intern. Also homeschooled. Hobbies include having perfect hair and making the rest of us nervous because he is WAY ahead of where we were at his age.